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Ganefiris bwe. What's up y'all. Greetings from Remyo Kamenis
Courtesy of OuterKidz
Hot dang!. DELICIOUS FOOD! Don't you wish you're eating these delicious taros. waiooo.


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coconut addicts
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Most of these pictures are taken in the summer of 2003. That's the last time I went there for visit. Actually, it's more like during the end of the summer. My bad. You might wonder why, or not,  I'm not in any of these pictures. That's because I was on Yap. I didn't get to go visit Eau. before I head back to the state of Washington.

what is this food? take my picture Becareful Austin
aah...what a day why are you looking at us for? My little Island siting
There's enough food for all. mmm sweeeeeeet. Waikamwo..Waikamwo
Wasssssup!? my dance? Um, u wanna help me? "huh, what was that thing?"
Too cool to cut. Party time. West side!! We da man!!!
clam and more clam..yummie hahahaha no pain no game. We bad!
Surfs up...... Hurry, I'm hunry! One for you one for me. Let us Celebrate
We drunk Look at me.I'm Brad Are these fish or what? My smooth knees.
Hang loose. Why am I blurry I got one I got one. This is the Captain speaking

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