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Ganefiris bwe. What's up y'all. Greetings from Remyo Kamenis
Courtesy of OuterKidz
Hot dang!. DELICIOUS FOOD! Don't you wish you're eating these delicious taros. waiooo.


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Recent pictures of the Nesian Peeps in Washington. I'm the photographer behind all these. Actually, I took some of 'em. You know how it is!! Oh you don't hehe. Ok. I C how it is. HUH!!

I wanna play Wacha lookin' at

Seattle boys Seattle Nemin

Yo that's my car Sup guys

Hiiiiiiiiiiiii We're eating Hi there hehehe hey you

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We chill Get off me Drink up boys Good stuff

Hi everybody! I'm good. hey yall hehehe

Don't look Waddup yall chillin' at stadium high Akera by a famous house

Nesian gurls We da cooks hey!!!!!!!!!!! wasssup

Waddup yall Like my hat get on ur knees Grrr..I'm the hulk

heheehe Get away hehehe Seattle girl

Go deep. come on now aleyuuup all the way me da gurl.
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