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Ganefiris bwe. What's up y'all. Greetings from Remyo Kamenis
Courtesy of OuterKidz
Hot dang!. DELICIOUS FOOD! Don't you wish you're eating these delicious taros. waiooo.


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Welcome to Woleai. These pictures now are on the Island Woleai. Most of 'em are taken during Tino's trip to woleai on his small boat. Summer 2003.

Faluba Time Woleaian Sunset

Wasssup More guys drinking

Damien wid da guys It's gettig dark man

More Faluba waioooooo Tino with his Uncle Guy from Faleyarma

 If the pix doesn't show, right click on the pix and then select "show picture"

why oh why? Just hangin' is all Tino by NIMS Peeps on the beach

Ricky in blue Woleai beach Woleai airport PMA in woleai
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